Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is It Palin?

Apparently, a Gulfstream IV private jet tail number N222GY arrived in Middleton, Ohio tonight at about 10pm local time. Its point of departure was Anchoridge, Alaska. I’m hearing rumors that Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska was on it. Middleton is only 34 miles from Dayton, Ohio, where McCain is going to announce his VP pick at Noon EST tomorrow. Palin is on his short list, but was not listed among the Republicans who are supposed to be with McCain on stage at the announcement. Could she be his pick? It would definitely be awesome, and could blow this race wide open if true.
I LIKE Sarah Palin. And not just because she’s a total MILF. She’s a hard core conservative, slightly to the right of me. And she’s good on second amendment issues, which are kind of big with me right now. I believe her letter grade from the NRA is “Will you marry me?”
Too bad she’s already taken.

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