Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hurricane Season

I guess that whole Global Warming thing isn't really working out for the left. This latest "Worst Hurricane Season in the History of the Universe" just didn't pan out for them. Again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And So The Obama Resistance Begins

At this point it appears that he has won the election, and so there is nothing left to do but hold on tight and try to survive the ride. We can pray that the various stupid policy ideas he has endorsed during the campaign were just talk, but that’s all it will most likely be: hope. The Fairness Doctrine, which he supports, will be used to stifle free speech on the right. His environmental regulations will bankrupt the coal industry, which provides 50% of our nation’s energy, and will drive electricity prices through the roof. His national security policies will invite aggression from our enemies, and put the continued existence of the state of Israel in doubt.

It’s time to muster our forces for a counter-attack in 2010. We need to pick a good candidate for 2012, because of the seven or so candidates we had to choose from in 2008, we managed to pick one of the weakest available. John McCain may have been a war hero, but he was a thud as a Presidential candidate. The only bright spot of the campaign was Sarah Palin, who now, thankfully, becomes the de facto head of the conservative movement and the Republican front runner for 2012. She can go back to Alaska, where she has an 82% approval rate, and continue to gain executive experience for four years. She’ll be ready in 2012.

Barack Obama is apparently going to be our first black President. (Bill Clinton not withstanding.)

Hopefully Sarah Palin will be our first female President in four years.