Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Helen Thomas Loses Seat

Veteran (read Ancient) reporter and former Civil War correspondent Helen Thomas is losing her front row seat in the White House Press Room. It seems that because the White House is renovating the Press Room, they’ve decided that now is a good time to adjust the seating order to accommodate all the changes that have taken place in the American Media and the way that Americans get their news. So CNN now gets a front seat, due to seniority. But they aren’t the ones taking Helen’s front row seat. Who is, you ask? Fox is, baby! That’s right! Fox news is responsible for kicking that horrible old lady to the second row. All contestants in the Conservative Drinking Game should now take a drink. Helen is taking it all in stride though, saying “Has anybody seen my pills?”

Annual Kite Festival Held In Pakistan; 11 Dead, 100+ Injured

What can you say about a culture that can take the most innocent and childlike of activities and turn it into a bloodbath? We worry about a mere 3000+ US soldiers dead after four years of war, yet these people can’t even fly a few kites without having a body count attached to it. And we worry about collateral damage. Why? Even if, during the initial invasion of Iraq, we caused a couple of thousand casualties amongst the civilian population, so what? They probably get higher casualty rates than that just from playing badminton. I, for one, am not going to worry about it anymore. So what if we accidentally wipe out a wedding party while taking out a bunch of terrorists? They probably wouldn’t have made it halfway through the wedding vows without half of them getting killed by celebratory gunfire fired by the other half. Screw ‘em.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Smart-Ass Book Reviews #1

Shelby Foote’s The Civil War, Volume 1

It was good.

More Anti-Semitic BS In Europe

Here’s a shocker: some thugs threw a smoke bomb into a Jewish kindergarten classroom in Berlin. No one was injured, as the smoke bomb failed to ignite, but there was a tremendous amount of graffiti left all over the school and its attendant playground, further proof that you can get Germany out of the Thirties, but you can’t get the Thirties out of Germany. Or maybe that’s not the case. Take a good look at the accompanying photograph. ignoring, of course, the Seig Heil, the Auschwitz, and the Scheiss (Shit) Jews, and take a look at the swastika. It’s backwards! Somehow, as stupid as neo-Nazis are, I don’t think they would have drawn their favorite symbol backwards. I suspect they’ve had plenty of practice at drawing it correctly. Me suspects this may be the work of the “Religion of Peace.” Animals.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cheney Slams Pelosi; Pelosi Whines To Bush

And Bush could care less.
House Speaker Nancy “If She Bites You You’ll Become Just Like Her” Pelosi can’t stand the heat, but doesn’t want to stop getting barefoot and pregnant, or something like that. I may be getting my metaphors mixed up. Anyway, Vice President Cheney came out and criticized her pro-al Qaeda military strategy as being pro-al Qaeda, so she felt compelled (although certainly not by the power of Christ) to call President Bush to complain about it.

"You cannot say as the President of the United States, 'I welcome disagreement in a time of war,' and then have the vice president of the United States go out of the country and mischaracterize a position of the speaker of the House and in a manner that says that person in that position of authority is acting against the national security of our country," the speaker said. Even if it is true.

Unfortunately for Pelosi, she was unable to get through to the President. Apparently, he was busy doing anything else. She was, however, able to get a hold of White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten, who must have drawn the short straw at today’s staff meeting. After pretending to listen politely to her complaints, Bolten pointed out to Pelosi that he was certain that no one was questioning her patriotism or commitment to national security, although “they were certainly thinking it rather loudly.”In any event, Pelosi should not be concerned about people on the right questioning her patriotism. We aren’t. What we’re questioning is her apparent LACK of patriotism, as evidenced by the fact that her plan for conducting the war meshes so well with al Qaeda’s plan for WINNING the war.

France vs. The Hornets

France has fallen victim to swarms of giant hornets. No, I am not making this up. From the very first line of the article:

“Swarms of giant hornets renowned for their vicious stings and skill at massacring honeybees have settled in France.”

The article goes on to blame Global Warming™ for the infestation, but this is simply not the case. I am responsible for it. I have been praying for this for sometime now, and as such, Castro Burn In Hell hereby claims full responsibility for these attacks, which will continue without let up until the following demands are met:

1. All French women must immediately begin a routine of bathing, shaving, and brushing their teeth, as well as mouthwash and deodorant use.
2. All French males must immediately and thoroughly spray themselves down with industrial grade Lysol, and then shoot themselves in the head.

Until these demands are met, we will continue our hornet assault on the countryside of France, giving no quarter to any who stand in our way. Long live the capitalist revolution!

Note: Brittan is starting to get a little worried that these swarms will migrate north and infect their country. As well they should; THEY are starting to piss me off, too.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

McCain vs. Rumsfeld

Sparks were flying in the Republican ranks today, after Senator John McCain (R-Mirror Universe) accused former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld of being the “worst Secretary of Defense in US history.” This would put him below even Abraham Lincoln’s first Secretary of War Simon Cameron, of whom Lincoln said “The only thing he would not steal is a red hot stove.”
The White House denied this, and countered by pointing out that McCain is the least effective and engaging former prisoner of war since Sergeant Raymond Shaw in “The Manchurian Candidate,” and that perhaps McCain should “Pass the time by playing a little solitaire.”
McCain was later seen jumping into the East River, but was unavailable for comment.

Great Float From German Parade

This float appearing at this year's Carnival Parades in Germany has Mulim groups up in arms over claims of (surprise!) Islamophobia. For those of you who don't read German (you can thank the US Army for that, by the way), the sash on the first figure reads "The Cliche," and the one on the second figure reads "The Reality." As Elzar would say, "Bam!"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Half Hour News Hour

Fox News is premiering tonight a news parody program called “The Half Hour News Hour,” and from what I’ve seen, it looks pretty funny. Actually, that was a lie. It looks like it’s going to be a train wreck into a plane crash during a gas explosion in the middle of an earthquake. I can already hear the comments from the leftards: “See, conservatives can’t be funny!”; ‘I told you Fox News was just a parody news channel! This proves it!”I would watch it, just because I’ve always enjoyed watching train wrecks, but that will be sadly impossible. Fox has made a dreadful scheduling error, placing their fledgling show directly opposite the best show on TV. So, sorry Fox. I love ya and all, but not THAT much.

OK, so it actually wasn't half bad. I know many comedy shows aren't all that great for their first few episodes (Monty' Python's Flying Circus comes to mind, not that I think this will be the next Monty Python or anything), so there is hope for it Assuming Fox doesn't cancel it after a couple of episodes instead of giving it a chance to grow (as they've done many times before, like with the live action "Tick").

Biofuel to power Indonesia's anti-poverty drive

Bio Fuel? Nooo! Don't use it! It's made of people!

Think of it: the liberals are always complaining about overpopulation (instead of just saying "we don't trust the whack-job-religious-nut brown people to have abortions") and using Soylent Fuel takes care of mother earth and those bothersome brown/yellow people all at once. End Poverty Now, eh?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

First Madonna wants to be like Ghandi

Now Britney apparantly wants to look like him.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Madonna’s Hoping To Be Like Gandhi

You mean, dead? Here’s hoping

Copperhead Republicans

During the Civil War, some Northern Democrats who opposed the war wanted an immediate peace settlement with the South. They were quickly nicknamed “Copperheads”, after the venomous Copperhead Snake found in the South that strikes without warning. These Democrats, who were just as unable to recognize an insult as modern Democrats are (what political party in its right mind would accept a jackass as it’s party symbol?), took it as a badge of honor, and started wearing copper liberty-head coins as badges.
Today, we have Copperhead Republicans, and 17 of them in the House of Representatives have shown their true colors by voting with the Democrats on the non-binding resolution against the Presidents “surge” plan in Iraq. You could say that this is only a non-binding resolution, and it doesn’t actually do anything. You would be wrong. In what light are our enemies supposed to view this act? Does this not show disunity? How can this not embolden our enemies? If you were fighting a superior force, and they started passing resolutions, even non-binding ones, that threatened to cut funding for the war effort in any way, wouldn’t you take heart from that? Would you not consider that a victory for your side?
So, just who are these 17 Copperheads:

Michael Castle, DE
Howard Coble, NC
Thomas Davis, VA
John Duncan, TN
Philip English, PA
Wayne Gilchrest, MD
Bob Inglis, SC
Timothy V. Johnson, IL
Walter Jones, NC
Ric Keller, FL
Mark Steven Kirk, IL S
teven LaTourette, OH
Ron Paul, TX
Thomas Petri, WI
Jim Ramstad, MN
Fred Upton, MI
James Walsh, NY

These names will be remembered. I suspect the right side of the blogosphere will be making much trouble for these fools over the next two years, and Castro Burn In Hell will be happy to join them in their efforts.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

An Awful Amount Of Confusion For A So-Called Consensus

Here we have an article that would tend to damage one of the underpinnings of global warming theory. For your reading pleasure, I have utilized the rather hackneyed technique of adding in my own comments in italics at the end of each paragraph. Or you can read the same article without my sarcastic comments here.

A new report on climate over the world's southernmost continent shows that temperatures during the late 20th century did not climb as had been predicted by many global climate models. –HA!

This comes soon after the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that strongly supports the conclusion that the Earth's climate as a whole is warming, largely due to human activity. –Maybe they should have waited a couple of weeks to release their report, ya think?

It also follows a similar finding from last summer by the same research group that showed no increase in precipitation over Antarctica in the last 50 years. Most models predict that both precipitation and temperature will increase over Antarctica with a warming of the planet. -OK, so maybe waiting wouldn’t have made a difference. They probably would have just ignored it, like the previous study.

David Bromwich, professor of atmospheric sciences in the Department of Geography, and researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University, reported on this work at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at San Francisco. –Much to their displeasure, I’m sure.

"It's hard to see a global warming signal from the mainland of Antarctica right now," he said. "Part of the reason is that there is a lot of variability there. It's very hard in these polar latitudes to demonstrate a global warming signal. This is in marked contrast to the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula that is one of the most rapidly warming parts of the Earth." -“We’re looking as hard as we can, but it’s just not there!”

Bromwich says that the problem rises from several complications. The continent is vast, as large as the United States and Mexico combined. Only a small amount of detailed data is available – there are perhaps only 100 weather stations on that continent compared to the thousands spread across the U.S. and Europe. And the records that we have only date back a half-century. -In other words, there’s not enough data to make a solid conclusion either way, but that won’t stop them from trying.

"The best we can say right now is that the climate models are somewhat inconsistent with the evidence that we have for the last 50 years from continental Antarctica. -They don’t tell the EXACT truth, but they’re in the spirit of a truth that we believe in. Sort of like Dan Rather’s memos about the President’s National Guard Duty.

"We're looking for a small signal that represents the impact of human activity and it is hard to find it at the moment," he said. –“But we’re going to keep looking till we find it. Even if it’s not really there.”

Last year, Bromwich's research group reported in the journal Science that Antarctic snowfall hadn't increased in the last 50 years. "What we see now is that the temperature regime is broadly similar to what we saw before with snowfall. In the last decade or so, both have gone down," he said. -So the temperatures have gone DOWN?! It’s global warming! We’re all going to freeze!

In addition to the new temperature records and earlier precipitation records, Bromwich's team also looked at the behavior of the circumpolar westerlies, the broad system of winds that surround the Antarctic continent. –They surround it, and penetrate it, and bind the continent together. Sorry, channeled Star Wars for a second there.

"The westerlies have intensified over the last four decades of so, increasing in strength by as much as perhaps 10 to 20 percent," he said. "This is a huge amount of ocean north of Antarctica and we're only now understanding just how important the winds are for things like mixing in the Southern Ocean." The ocean mixing both dissipates heat and absorbs carbon dioxide, one of the key greenhouse gases linked to global warming. -Which is apparently going to cause us to burn up. Unless it makes us freeze.

Some researchers are suggesting that the strengthening of the westerlies may be playing a role in the collapse of ice shelves along the Antarctic Peninsula. –So it could be natural after all. Unless you’re blaming the increasing westerlies on man. Except, they’ve been increasing for 40 years, and you only have 50 years of data, so how can you tell?

"The peninsula is the most northern point of Antarctica and it sticks out into the westerlies," Bromwich says. "If there is an increase in the westerly winds, it will have a warming impact on that part of the continent, thus helping to break up the ice shelves, he said. –In a trial, this is what they call “Reasonable Doubt.”

"Farther south, the impact would be modest, or even non-existent." -Primarily because farther south, it’s land locked, making it much harder for the glaciers to fall off into the ocean.

Bromwich said that the increase in the ozone hole above the central Antarctic continent may also be affecting temperatures on the mainland. "If you have less ozone, there's less absorption of the ultraviolet light and the stratosphere doesn't warm as much." –So the destruction of the ozone layer will prevent global warming? Talk about your mixed messages.

That would mean that winter-like conditions would remain later in the spring than normal, lowering temperatures. -But only if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, apparently.

"In some sense, we might have competing effects going on in Antarctica where there is low-level CO2 warming but that may be swamped by the effects of ozone depletion," he said. "The year 2006 was the all-time maximum for ozone depletion over the Antarctic." -Is that anything like the McD.L.T., where the hot side stays hot, and the cool side stays cool?

Bromwich said the disagreement between climate model predictions and the snowfall and temperature records doesn't necessarily mean that the models are wrong. –It also doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right though, either.

"It isn't surprising that these models are not doing as well in these remote parts of the world. These are global models and shouldn't be expected to be equally exact for all locations," he said. –If it’s a global model, then it should be able to make global predictions, right? You guys certainly have been playing it up that way. But if the more extreme areas of the planet are the ones that aren’t falling in line, that would tend to point to some basic inaccuracies in your model. It’s easy enough to model the “normal” areas, and it’s easy enough to model the extreme areas. But I would think that for it to be a workable global model, it would have to be able to account for both at the same time. A global model is, by definition, supposed to describe the ENTIRE globe. That’s why it’s called global. Maybe you guys need to go back and work on your model a bit before you expect us to re-write the basic underlying laws of our civilization in accordance to it. I’m just saying.

Tim Hardaway Hates Gay People

I will attempt to navigate some choppy waters here in order to get this whole thing straight: Tim Hardaway says he hates gays and that he wouldn’t want to be on a team with them and he gets blasted for it. While I think I “get” where these critics are coming from, something about all of the firestorm doesn’t strike me as consistent.
Let me put it this way: He IS talking about his own feelings. To that extent, they are an accurate representation of what he feels, what he is passionate about, etc.. regardless of whether you agree with him. He was answering a direct question in response about the story of a former NBA player that said that he plays for the other team (if you get my drift) and how he would respond given a certain situation. He is doing nothing but characterizing his own feelings, right?
Okay, now the tricky part where I start to think through this thing. You’re going to have to follow me for a second here. I have heard a few places respond with “it’s fine that he was honest, but…” and then the typical PC apoplexy begins. Take step back, rewind, recall with me Kanye West commenting on Hurricane Katrina. Remember the “George Bush hates black people” and the George Bush blew up the Levees conspiracy? I seem to recall that there was not a “but..” after the media and others who may have shared this mindset ,including the Washington Post, who had the audacity to print this. If I recall the general mood, it was along the lines of “well, it might be wrong to characterize OTHERS as below-the-surface bigoted and racist, but at least he was being honest and true to what black people are thinking….”
Okay, now following this line of reasoning: its OKAY to call others out and generalize about an individual if--even though your statements might be poo-pooed on one side as, at best awkwardly put-- your fundamental point is true to one belief system, .i.e. the liberal thinking on George Bush’s supposed racism without a scintilla of tangible evidence to the contrary, but to state your OWN true feelings (not to mention to express something that a lot of the African American demographic may also feel about gays) and is NOT appropriate and does not deserve the same kind of leeway that you would give to opinions of “disaffected” minority groups if it's about a Republican. I guess it’s all in what group you have put your lot in with, eh?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

“Valentine’s Day is destroying the environment! We’ve got to stop it or we’re all going to die!” OK, look. There are plenty of people who dislike Valentine’s Day, and I’ll admit, I’m one of them (I have a good reason, though, My father left my mother on Valentine’s Day when I was seven, and I have some bad memories built up over that).But this is just taking things WAY too far. It seems that anytime any event happens that catches the attention of a large number of people, the environmentalists try to tie it in somehow with whatever the hell it is they’re whining about. If we keep buying into this crap, it’ll only be a matter of time before they get that stupid carbon tax passed, and then we’ll all be screwed. Human beings (much like most life forms on the planet) produce carbon dioxide. We spew carbon from our bodies constantly, in our breath, our sweat, and in all our other bodily secretions. Are we going to have a breathing tax? How about a tax on using the restroom? Is this what it will take before everyone realizes that this whole global warming thing is just one big money grab?
Why the hell is everyone so down on carbon dioxide anyway? Its contribution to the earth’s greenhouse effect is minimal at best. Yet we insist on treating it like it’s a pollutant, when in reality, it’s actually a nutrient. Along with water and sunlight, it is the basic ingredient in photosynthesis, the absolute bottom of the food chain. Plants use the three ingredients to make sugar, which, along with other nutrients in the soil, they use for food. The less intelligent animals eat the plants for food, and then the more intelligent animals eat the less intelligent animals for food, usually on a bun with ketchup and mustard. The more intelligent animals then exhale and excrete all that carbon, which is then cycled back to the plants, and thus, we have In-n-Out Burger. Which sounds pretty damn good right about now. I’ll be right back….
(Continued)So, anyway (he says between bites of a Double-Double with Ketchup, mustard and onions only), what was I talking about? Oh yeah, global warming.So here’s a question to consider: Why is it that the people who are screaming loudest for us all to change our lives to combat the theoretical threat of global warming act as if they’re automatically entitled to be excluded from the very laws they want to pass. Like the extreme environmentalists who believe that the way to save the planet is to reduce the human population to a few million. They say it as if, no matter how few people are left, they will automatically be counted among those allowed to survive.
Good enough for thee, but not for me, indeed.

Friday, February 9, 2007

8 Feet Of Snow In NY, And More Coming

Must be that global warming I keep hearing about. Apparently, if keeps getting warmer like this, we're all going to freeze to death.

More Anna Nicole

They’ve just been going on and on about this one in the media, and watching it, something occurred to me, and I want to put it out there online before someone beats me to it, just in case it turns out to be true, so I can take credit for it.
I wonder if both Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel, who died five months ago, were murdered by her husband and lawyer, Howard K. Stern. I mean, she had a LOT of money. He is the father of her five month old daughter (although that may be in question). He was the only other person in the room when both she and Daniel died. Both she and Daniel collapsed and died in a similar, suspicious manner. And with both Anna and Daniel out of the way, all that money goes either to him, or her daughter, or both.
Personally, I hope it’s not true, because I’m already getting sick of this story, and just the IDEA of listening to Greta Van Susteren droning on and on about the Howard K. Smith trial is already giving me a headache.

Obama Speaks

Barack Obama, the Great White Hope of the Democrat Party, stated today that “if you look African American in this society, you're treated as an African-American.” This was in response to being asked if growing up in a white household had made him make a conscious decision to be black. “Or so I’ve heard,” he quickly added.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Died For Your Sins!

Well actually, she more likely died from her own. And they were many, I’m sure, but we won’t hold them against her, seeing how she's dead and all. She was definitely capable of moments of extreme hotness, although she was just as capable of moments of equally extreme un-hotness. Supposedly, she wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe (don’t most women?), and although she was trashier than Marilyn, she managed to outlive her by three years. So I guess that’s something.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Can We At Least Still Walk And Chew Bubblegum At The Same Time?

Lawmakers in New York are working on a plan to make it illegal to use any electronic device while crossing the street in both New York City and Buffalo. Apparently, two pedestrians were killed while walking with mp3 players or something, so, New York being what it is (a liberal hell on Earth, basically), a political solution is required.
Why do we insist on dragging everything in life down to the lowest common denominator? I’ve used some sort of walkman type device while walking (in traffic, even) for over twenty years now, and I’ve never been hit by a car. Not once. You see, it’s all about having at least a tiny little nugget of common sense: “There are lots of big, heavy, fast moving objects all around me. Maybe I should pay them some attention, so as to make sure they don’t run into me.” But NOOOOOOOO!, apparently, that’s too difficult for some people. Like those morons you see in parking lots nowadays, who think that just because they have the right-a-way, that somehow makes them indestructible or something., so now they can walk directly behind a car that’s clearly backing up (it’s got it’s back-up lights on, and it’s moving backwards, what do YOU think?), and nothing bad will happen to them, so they don’t even need to pay attention.
We need to stop letting stupid people dictate the pace of civilization. I learned this hard fact back when I was seven, back when some stupid mongoloid kid accidentally swallowed and choked to death on one of the launching missiles on his older brother’s Mattel Battlestar Galactica Viper Fighter toy , and all of a sudden they passed a law requiring toys to be a sucky as possible. I hated that kid. I still hate that kid. And as I think about the two dead fools in New York who couldn’t look where they were going, and thus are going to ruin the fun of a whole bunch of other New Yorkers, I think to myself, “Thank God I live in California, where everyone is much more sensible.”

Er, wait…

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

So, Nancy Pelosi thinks that just because she’s Speaker of the House, she’s somehow entitled to have the Air Force fly her and her family and friends around on Air Force jets at the tax payer’s expense. She is citing security concerns. Not that she gives a damn about anybody’s security but her own.
Former Speaker Dennis Hastert was provided access to a smaller, commuter size Air Force jet for security reasons after 9/11. It was used only for ferrying him (and him alone) between DC and his home district. Previous to 9/11, he used commercial transport. This is NOT what Pelosi is asking for. She wants a large military jet, which she can use to go anywhere she pleases, and carry whomever she wants, when ever she wants. Basically, what she wants is Air Force Three (any aircraft the President is on is automatically given the call sign Air Force One, and the Vice-President is Air Force Two). She is, of course, claiming that any objections to this plan are pure sexism. What else would she claim; she’s a lefty whore. (And I mean whore in the purely biblical sense of the word, of course.) I thought her big thing was to get rid of corruption in congress. I guess she meant she would get rid of the old, pathetic corruption of the Republican led house, and replace it with a bigger, better, more magnificent corruption under the Democrat led house.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

You Have GOT To Be Kidding

According to all the documentaries I’ve seen on sharks, including the “Mythbusters Jaws Special”, there has never been a recorded instance of a shark ramming and sinking a vessel the size of the Orca, the boat depicted in the movie Jaws.
There is one now.
A shrimp boat off the coast of Florida was circled and attacked by a group of bull sharks for four days, with the sharks ramming the boat and damaging its hull. The crew had to run pumps to keep the boat afloat. Eventually, a 14 foot bull shark broke the boat’s tail shaft, and the crew was forced to call for help. The boat later sank while being towed back to port.

Monday, February 5, 2007

A Voice Crying Out In The Wilderness (Or At Least Chortling In The Rec Room)

So, the global warming drum beat is being sounded louder and louder, by elected officials with a political agenda, followed by scientists scrabbling for research grants, circled by brain-dead celebrities desperate to role-play the part of “the one who would not be silent.” Of course, to REALLY play that part, you kind of have to opposing the prevailing opinion, don’t you?
Meet the real “he who would not be silent”: Dr. Tim Ball, Chairman of the National Resources Stewardship Project, a climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, and recipient of a PhD from the University Of London, England. He’s not buying into any of this BS, and has been saying so loudly for the past 30+ years, back when we were all going to die from global cooling. Don’t take my word for it, read his article from today. Here.

Friday, February 2, 2007

I’ve Seen This Movie Before…

In the 1920’s the Germans (among others) legalized euthanasia for people with incurable, life threatening diseases. They later expanded it to include serious mental illnesses, which, back then, fell under the rubric of “feeblemindedness”. This was justified on the grounds of quality of life: the people living with these conditions were thought to be suffering from such a poor quality of life, that death was the preferable option. Suicide was allowed, even encouraged. Eventually, the costs involved in caring for those who refused suicide were seen as a drain on the quality of life for the REST of society. For these people, euthanasia became less and less a matter of choice, and more a matter of government edict. It was only AFTER this stage that the Nazis entered the picture. People forget that Germany was a long way down the road to the Final Solution well before Hitler came to power; indeed, the initial steps were taken while he was still nothing but an unknown rabble-rouser.
So now, here we are, slowly moving down that road again. Euthanasia has become so common in parts of Europe, that the doctors and nurses that administer it have become almost blasé about it. And here, today, we get this story out of Switzerland, about how the Swiss courts may expand assisted suicide to people with serious mental illness. Could somebody explain to me how someone with a serious mental illness is in any kind of mental condition to make that kind of life or death decision?I’ve never understood the idea behind the whole “assisted suicide” thing. It seems to me that as long as you’re still breathing, and your heart is still pumping, there’s hope. With all the medical breakthroughs of the past few years, and all the potential ones coming down the pike, I just can’t see ending it all over a medical condition, no matter how serious or painful it might be. I’d feel pretty stupid if they found a cure the week after I pulled the plug.
In any case, is it really up to us to decide? I’ve always thought that there are certain choices that should not be put into the hands of human beings. We’re too short sighted, too fallible, and frequently, too selfish to be allowed to decide such things as when life begins, and when it ends. Once you have that kind of power over yourself, it’s all too easy to take hold of it over another. It’s been tried many times already, and it always ends the same. As I said, I’ve seen this movie before….

Thursday, February 1, 2007


A new video has surfaced that shows Paris Hilton making racist comments about guests at a party, including use of the “N” word.
Who the hell cares? Why is this story front page on Drudge? Does anyone really care what this tramp thinks? It’s not like she’s some sort of role model for anyone, and if she is, then the people looking up to her are getting what they deserve. The only reason anyone pays any attention to her at all is the hope of catching her blowing some new guy on video, mixed with the morbid curiosity of just how far and how fast a rich spoiled brat with all the opportunities in the world can sink into the muck. Whatever. I can’t believe I wrote this much about her. It’s not like she’s Lindsay Lohan, or something.

The Word Of The Day

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the Word of the Day today is apparently “Du Jour.” This will be the fourth time I’ve used it today, and it’s only 12:30.

Was It For Inventing The Internet?

If you ever had any doubts that the Nobel Peace prize has been reduced to nothing but a gold star for the lefty nutbag du jour, this should dispel the notion.

"A prerequisite for winning the Nobel Peace Prize is making a difference, and Al Gore has made a difference," Conservative Member of Parliament Boerge Brende, a former minister of environment and then of trade, told The Associated Press.

I see. Well, inventor Ron Popeil has made a huge difference in the lives of many people around the world, with his spray on hair, his pocket fisherman, and his amazing Ginsu knife set. Does that mean we can nominate him, too?

Rush Limbaugh has been nominated for it as well. Who knows, maybe he'll get it.

Yeah, right. And maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot..

Global Warming Ate My Homework

So is global warming becoming the excuse du jour for EVERYTHING that goes wrong? “Sorry officer, I was speeding because of global warming, I wanted to get home before it got too hot.” “Sorry I forgot your birthday, honey. It’s that damn global warming again.” I have to wonder just how long it’ll take before everyone realizes just how absurd this is all becoming.

William Arkin: Scumbag Du Jour

In this remarkably stupid article from the Washington Post’s blog, William Arkin defends his critique of our soldiers in a previous post, claiming that:

These men and women are not fighting for money with little regard for the nation. The situation might be much worse than that: Evidently, far too many in uniform believe that they are the one true nation. They hide behind the constitution and the flag and then spew an anti-Democrat, anti-liberal, anti-journalism, anti-dissent, and anti-citizen message that reflects a certain contempt for the American people. What I've heard ever since my article was published on Tuesday are a lot of people telling ME to shut up and be grateful for the sacrifices others are making. I never said we shouldn't support the troops. I just lamented that "we support them in every possible way, and their attitude is that we should in addition roll over and play dead, defer to the military and the generals and let them fight their war, and give up our rights and responsibilities to speak up because they are above society?"

I thought that anyone who talks in favor of the war but doesn’t serve was guilty of being a “chickenhawk.” So let’s see if I have this straight: If you support the war, but aren’t in uniform, you’re a chickenhawk. If you support the war and you ARE in uniform, then you have too much influence in policy, and there’s no reason we should give up our rights and responsibilities to speak out just because you’re in uniform. So, apparently, the only way you can be justified in speaking your opinion is if you oppose the war. Note to Mr. Arkin: THIS is why we call your party the Democrat Party and not the Democratic Party.