Saturday, August 29, 2009

Top Ten Good Things About Senator Edward Kennedy

As you are probably aware (unless you happen to be living in a cave with intermittent internet access), the Mary Jo Kopenchne Memorial Brain Tumor has done it's job. To celebrate, here's a list of the top ten good things about Senator Edward Kennedy.
10. He's Dead.
9. He's Dead.
8. He's Dead.
7. He's Dead.
6. He's Dead.
5. He's Dead.
4. He's Dead.
3. He's Dead.
2. He's Dead.
1. He's Dead.

Note - for the record, I'm not one who would normally dance on the grave of one of my political enemies. I find it utterly distasteful, even when I vehemently disagree with them (i.e. Senator Paul Wellstone). However, I make an exception in the case of Teddy (as I will in the case of former klansman Robert Byrd) because of the truly vile actions that he took in his private life. The fact that he could let a woman drown in his car without making any attempt to help her, or even notifying the authorities (who could have easily rescued her) just to cover his own political ass, and could then serve behind a Senator's desk in Washington D.C. instead of behind bars in a Massachusetts prison cell, says more about him and the voters of Massachusetts than I ever could.
He's serving a new state now. A dry state, and a VERY warm one at that.

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