Tuesday, September 8, 2009

But At Least We Can Go 200 Miles Up And Fly Around In A Circle....

I swear to God, progressives are the fracking lowest form of life on this planet. The have no plans for the future, other than new taxes and new entitlements, and they have no vision, except of them telling all of us how to live our lives.

I have a vision of the future, and here it is: Someday, a big fracking rock is going to come out of the sky and pound the living crap out of this planet, and we won’t be able to do a goddamn thing to stop it, because we keep electing damn fool progressives who think NASA is nothing but a slush fund they can raid to pass some fascistic population control measure disguised as a national health care plan.

Someday, something terrible is going to happen to this planet. It’s a mathematical certainty. The question is when, and will we be prepared for it. Not with motherfrackers like Obama running the show. There is almost no funding for Near Earth Asteroid Protection. There are maybe five people working on the problem world wide. If something’s coming our way and we aren’t prepared for it, it’s over. All our eggs are in one basket. We don’t have the technology to get more than a couple of people off this planet, and even if we could, we’d have nowhere safe to send them.

So now we’re not going back to the moon. This latest in a long string of attempts was killed, once again, by progressive democrats. Progressive democrat Walter Mondale led the charge to end the Apollo program early, saying “Why are we spending money to go back to the moon when there are mothers waiting for their welfare checks.” The same farsighted thinking led the donks to castrate Bush 41’s attempt to return to the moon in the early 90’s. We’re never going to get off this rock.

I can here someone in the back saying, “But what about private funded space flight? Surely they can do what the government seems to lack the balls to pull off itself.” Nice try. Space flight requires money. Private space flight companies require venture capital to get off the ground. There is no more venture capital, because Obama spent it all. The stimulus bill, the doubling of the federal budget, this stupid trillion dollar plus health care plan, all the borrowing to pay for it all, printing up money left and right so we can buy our own government bonds. Obama is printing money with one hand and spending it with the other.

When you write a check to yourself and deposit it into the same account that you drew the check off of, that’s called fraud. When the government does it, it’s called monetizing the debt. It’s a fool proof plan for creating inflation. The government likes inflation, because it means they can pay back their debts with dollars that are worth less than the ones they borrowed. When you borrow money from the bank and try to pay it back with monopoly money, that’s called fraud. When the government does it, it’s called Obamanomics.

So we’re not going back to the moon. Rather than use our resources to advance ourselves to something better, our leaders are going to divide up what we have, and parcel it out equally to everyone, that way everyone has a little piece of nothing. The donks should change their slogan to “Because Misery Loves Company.”

A pox on all of them.

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