Sunday, June 29, 2008


Apparently, there's another Zodiac copycat on the loose, this time in North Carolina. The story is here. At the left is a scan of the letter sent to the local police. A couple of interesting notes: the Zodiac symbol was drawn by a left handed person, based on the starting point of the circle. The date at the top is in DD/MM/YYYY format, such as used in Europe and by the US Military. The fact that the writer used the MM/DD format in the body of the letter would tend to reinforce the military aspect, as a European most likely woundn't use that format. The @))* after June is what would result when you attempt to type 2008 on a typewriter with the caps lock key on. The date and time given in the body of the letter for when the body was discovered is after the date at the top of the letter, indicating that the above date was not the date that the letter was actually written. It may in fact be the date of the murder itself, as apparently the body had been in the hotel room for some time before it was discovered, and was in a fairly advanced state of decomposition.
The question is, is this person a Zodiac copycat, or just someone who commited a murder and wanted to detract attention from himself by making it look like it was done by some random wacko?

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