Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michelle Obama's Health Care Plan For America

As much as the Dems talk about the health care "crisis" in this country, it's interesting to know what Michelle Obama's policy is in regards to helping out the unfortunatly underinsured, seeing as how she actually makes good money working at a hospital. It seems the hospital the potential First Lady is the Vice-President for has a policy of steering underinsured and uninsured patiets to other hospitals, so as to clear up space in their own hospital, presumably for "paying" patients.

Sort of what healthcare would be like if natioanlized and run by the Obamas: if you've got the money and the power and the status, you'll recieve the best healthcare on Earth, but if you're the unwashed, you'll get healthcare, sure. Just not here. You've got to go to the OTHER hospital. Make sure to get at the back of the line, and stop bleeding on my carpet.

"Whatever you do the least of my people, you do to me. Unless it cost me money. Then, whatever."

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