Thursday, April 28, 2011

My New Project: Broadcaster Replica

So I've decided that I want a Fender Broadcaster, which is the ancestor to the Fender Telecaster. The problem is that a real Broadcaster costs about $100,000.00, and a reissue costs about $6,000.00. Seeing as how the Israelis haven't been sending me my Zionist Conspirator checks lately, I can't really afford either.

So I'm going to roll my own.

This is the first time I've ever attempted to build a guitar myself. I've made extensive modifications to almost every guitar I've owned, but never actually built one from parts. I'm going to be documenting the build on the blog, because I can't think of anything else to do with it. The blog, that is. Politics are just too frustrating right now, and the lefties have gone so far over the edge that they are really impossible to parody. What's the point of crafting a clever satirical essay eviscerating their policies, when they turn around and release it virtually word for word as talking points the next day?

So anyway, I'm going to blog about this instead.

First up is the body. I was originally going to buy an unfinished Mighty Mite Ash Tele body that had already been sanded and sealed, and then pick up some nitrocellulose lacquer in tinted clear coat and butterscotch blonde. The body was $120 on ebay, and the lacquer would have been about $50 including shipping from Guitar Reranch.

Instead I found an ash Tele body already finished in butterscotch blonde nitro for $129 on ebay, and I couldn't pass that up. It saves me money, and the fact that it's already finished exactly how I want it saves me time and effort.

The body won't be here until Friday, but I have some pics of it from the sellers page:

I've also purchased the Broadcaster decal, which arrived today and looks great. The only other part I have for it so far is the round string tree, which I had left over from another guitar.

I still have a lot of parts to buy. For the neck, I'm looking at an All-Parts Tele neck pre-finished in vintage tint nitro, with a V profile (unlike Nocasters, which had a deep U profile, Broadcasters tended to have more of a V profile), a 7.25 radius, and vintage frets. I'll probably be ordering that in a couple of weeks, along with the rest of the parts.

I'm thinking I'll go with Fender Custom Shop Nocaster pickups, they seem to be the closest to Broadcaster specs that I can get in my budget range. I'm also thinking I'll pick up a reissue thermometer style case, either in brown or tweed. Those are pretty expensive, though.

Anyway, expect more posts over the next couple of weeks. It should be really interesting.

Well, fairly interesting, anyway.

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