Thursday, May 5, 2011

Perfect Justice?

There are a lot of articles floating around the net right now, mostly coming from Europe, but a few from here in the US, questioning the morality of killing Osama bin Laden, armed or unarmed. The argument seems to be that he should have been captured to face trial for his actions, perhaps in some civilian court.

No, no, no, a thousand times NO! He should not have been captured. He needed to be taken dead, not alive. He needed to be shot in the head, even if he was on his knees begging for mercy. This is not abut justice for bin Laden. This is about justice for his victims.

The last thing he deserved was a trial, a trial that would last at least a decade, with delays and continuances, lawyers making endless motions, with Osama getting endless media coverage and a decade long stand on the soapbox to spew out his wahhabist BS to an ever compliant media, while the families of the victims are forced to watch their loved ones killed over and over again, every day, for the length of the trial. Not to mention the possibility of him getting off on a technicality.

We've seen the European idea of justice, where a terrorist mass murderer, who supposedly has only a couple more months to live, gets sent back to live out his final days in freedom in his home country, where, surprise surprise, he ends up being not so sick after all. No thank you.

Bin Laden received justice. It wasn't perfect justice, I'll grant you. The Euro-trash are right about that. It never is. Imperfect justice is the best we can achieve in this limited world. Perfect justice for bin Laden would have been for him to have been trapped on the 109th floor of a burning building, with the fire raging so hot, and the air so choked with burning, stifling smoke, that jumping to his certain death a thousand feet below would have seemed the better option. The same, horrific choice that many of his innocent victims were forced to make on an otherwise normal, sunny, Tuesday morning.

It's always so hilarious to watch a completely immoral people suddenly discover morality in the wake of the death of a perfectly evil man, to watch them fumble with it, as they try to grasp something they have no knowledge of or experience with.

There's a proven technique for dealing with terrorists that want nothing more than to see you dead. It goes like this: Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Reload. Headshot.

That's right, eight to a magazine, on a .45. Cobra Mags hold eight without jamming on the last round.


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