Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Road To Eurabia

I’ve been wondering which European country would be the first lemming over the cliff when it came to adopting Muslim sharia law. Well, apparently it’s Germany, which sucks, because I had fifty bucks on Norway. Anyways, it seems a woman judge in Germany has refused to grant a divorce to a Moroccan-born Muslim woman, who was suing for divorce on the grounds of physical and mental abuse. According to the judge, who I remind you is female, the Koran says its okay for a husband to beat his wife, even though the laws of the German jurisdiction they live in state that doing so is illegal. In other words, this judge just ruled not only that Islamic law has jurisdiction in Germany, but that it also trumps German law if the parties involved are Muslim. This is the logical conclusion of liberal multi-culturalism: different laws for everyone based on whatever crackpot cultural or religious beliefs they happen to have, all in the name of not offending other cultures. So how long before a Muslim gets away with killing a non-Muslim, say, a Jew, on the grounds that the Koran says it’s okay to kill an infidel? Go ahead and laugh, but this is Germany here. You know their track record with Jews. It ain’t pretty.

P.J. O’Rourke had a great description of liberalism, and I paraphrase (because I’m too lazy to go look up the exact quote): Liberalism is a dog chasing it’s own tail that finally managed to catch it, and has now eaten it’s way up to the back of it’s own head. It looks like Germany just worked its way up to the nose, and will soon disappear altogether

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