Friday, March 16, 2007

Time To Clean House At The FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a notice warning that “extremist groups” (gee, I wonder who that could be) have signed up to be school bus drivers. Then they turn around and say “But there’s nothing to be concerned about.” The bureaucrats at the FBI should be worried about it: their track record with these sorts of things is not exactly stellar, and they’ve been cozying up to extremist groups like CAIR a hell of a lot lately. Can you imagine what would happen if some of these Islamo-fascist monsters managed to hijack a school bus full of kids and create a hostage situation? Or just blow it up? School busses get special access to places like government buildings and national monuments. A schoolbus packed with ANFO and a bunch of unsuspecting kids would make a very inconspicuous, and very deadly, weapon.
Personally, I think we all need to stop counting on the government to keep us safe (not that I do). They’ve already shown many times that its just not that high a priority to them. They’d rather use our hard earned tax dollars to fund some faggot artist drawing pictures of Jesus banging a bunch of midgets in a hot tub full of warm Jell-o, then actually commit any of that dough to keeping us safe. A Muslim walks into a Jewish center with a pistol and shoots up the place, and that’s not terrorism. A Muslim drives an SUV into a crowd of people in a Jewish neighborhood in SF, and that’s not terrorism. A Muslim with connections to al-Qaeda goes on a shooting spree in DC, sniping with virtual impunity, but that’s not terrorism. But we’d be hearing about it if it was some white-supremacist, Neo-Nazi douche bag organization. We’re always re-fighting the last war. The Neo-Nazis are irrelevant and marginalized. Their about as dangerous as the Wobbles. But we’ll keep jumping at imaginary threats, while dangerous men with evil intent threaten us with impunity, because we lack the courage to risk offending their co-religionists.

And it goes without saying, if you have school age kids, drive them to school yourself.

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