Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good Enough For Me, But Not For Thee

So it appears that each of the Democrat candidates for President took private jets to the debate. No commercial flights, no “jet-pooling” to help conserve the Earth’s “precious and valuable resources.” And, of course, more commentary about this hypocrisy on Drudge and the blogs (like this). But here’s the sad truth: When Democrats talk about how we need to cut back on everything to save the environment, then turn around and live extravagantly themselves, it’s not really hypocrisy. Really, it’s not. They said WE have to cut back, to conserve. They never said anything about THEM having to cut back. The rules are meant for us, the little people. The ones who drag themselves out of bed every morning to go to job we can’t stand. The ones who make the country work. The ones who get shot while trying to get to class, because someone on high decided that everyone on campus should be defenseless. The ones who have to make the life and death decision of whether or not to crash their plane into the ground, because someone from on high thought it would be insensitive to give extra scrutiny to high risk passengers at the security terminal. You know, us serfs. Those rules don’t apply to them because they’re so much more important than us. They’re exempt.
I don’t understand why I have to keep saying this, but this has never been about the environment, or about liberalism, either. This is about elitism. The Democrat party is the party of elitism
They used to say that religion is the opiate of the masses, and that Communism is the opiate of the intellectuals. Well, liberalism is the opiate of the self-important.

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