Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

So, Nancy Pelosi thinks that just because she’s Speaker of the House, she’s somehow entitled to have the Air Force fly her and her family and friends around on Air Force jets at the tax payer’s expense. She is citing security concerns. Not that she gives a damn about anybody’s security but her own.
Former Speaker Dennis Hastert was provided access to a smaller, commuter size Air Force jet for security reasons after 9/11. It was used only for ferrying him (and him alone) between DC and his home district. Previous to 9/11, he used commercial transport. This is NOT what Pelosi is asking for. She wants a large military jet, which she can use to go anywhere she pleases, and carry whomever she wants, when ever she wants. Basically, what she wants is Air Force Three (any aircraft the President is on is automatically given the call sign Air Force One, and the Vice-President is Air Force Two). She is, of course, claiming that any objections to this plan are pure sexism. What else would she claim; she’s a lefty whore. (And I mean whore in the purely biblical sense of the word, of course.) I thought her big thing was to get rid of corruption in congress. I guess she meant she would get rid of the old, pathetic corruption of the Republican led house, and replace it with a bigger, better, more magnificent corruption under the Democrat led house.

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