Friday, February 9, 2007

More Anna Nicole

They’ve just been going on and on about this one in the media, and watching it, something occurred to me, and I want to put it out there online before someone beats me to it, just in case it turns out to be true, so I can take credit for it.
I wonder if both Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel, who died five months ago, were murdered by her husband and lawyer, Howard K. Stern. I mean, she had a LOT of money. He is the father of her five month old daughter (although that may be in question). He was the only other person in the room when both she and Daniel died. Both she and Daniel collapsed and died in a similar, suspicious manner. And with both Anna and Daniel out of the way, all that money goes either to him, or her daughter, or both.
Personally, I hope it’s not true, because I’m already getting sick of this story, and just the IDEA of listening to Greta Van Susteren droning on and on about the Howard K. Smith trial is already giving me a headache.

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