Friday, February 16, 2007

Copperhead Republicans

During the Civil War, some Northern Democrats who opposed the war wanted an immediate peace settlement with the South. They were quickly nicknamed “Copperheads”, after the venomous Copperhead Snake found in the South that strikes without warning. These Democrats, who were just as unable to recognize an insult as modern Democrats are (what political party in its right mind would accept a jackass as it’s party symbol?), took it as a badge of honor, and started wearing copper liberty-head coins as badges.
Today, we have Copperhead Republicans, and 17 of them in the House of Representatives have shown their true colors by voting with the Democrats on the non-binding resolution against the Presidents “surge” plan in Iraq. You could say that this is only a non-binding resolution, and it doesn’t actually do anything. You would be wrong. In what light are our enemies supposed to view this act? Does this not show disunity? How can this not embolden our enemies? If you were fighting a superior force, and they started passing resolutions, even non-binding ones, that threatened to cut funding for the war effort in any way, wouldn’t you take heart from that? Would you not consider that a victory for your side?
So, just who are these 17 Copperheads:

Michael Castle, DE
Howard Coble, NC
Thomas Davis, VA
John Duncan, TN
Philip English, PA
Wayne Gilchrest, MD
Bob Inglis, SC
Timothy V. Johnson, IL
Walter Jones, NC
Ric Keller, FL
Mark Steven Kirk, IL S
teven LaTourette, OH
Ron Paul, TX
Thomas Petri, WI
Jim Ramstad, MN
Fred Upton, MI
James Walsh, NY

These names will be remembered. I suspect the right side of the blogosphere will be making much trouble for these fools over the next two years, and Castro Burn In Hell will be happy to join them in their efforts.

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