Monday, February 26, 2007

More Anti-Semitic BS In Europe

Here’s a shocker: some thugs threw a smoke bomb into a Jewish kindergarten classroom in Berlin. No one was injured, as the smoke bomb failed to ignite, but there was a tremendous amount of graffiti left all over the school and its attendant playground, further proof that you can get Germany out of the Thirties, but you can’t get the Thirties out of Germany. Or maybe that’s not the case. Take a good look at the accompanying photograph. ignoring, of course, the Seig Heil, the Auschwitz, and the Scheiss (Shit) Jews, and take a look at the swastika. It’s backwards! Somehow, as stupid as neo-Nazis are, I don’t think they would have drawn their favorite symbol backwards. I suspect they’ve had plenty of practice at drawing it correctly. Me suspects this may be the work of the “Religion of Peace.” Animals.

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