Saturday, January 13, 2007

Beautiful Bit of Hypocrisy

Nice story on the new "progressive" Congress. Not sure if you can call it hypocrisy per se, because to be such, one has to have a control of truth or principle to work against. In brief, Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco, American Samoa will be exempt from the minimum wage increase just passed by Ms. (I use that term looslely) Pelosi's congress; Starkist Tuna has a plant in San Francisco; Starkist Tuna is a major contributor to Nancy Pelosi; Starkist is now exempt because their headquarters is in American Samoa.
Presto Chango!
Hypocrisy par excellance!
Still, that being said, I am not against exempting companies from the minimum wage. After all, it is just a way of artificially inflating the cost of one type of raw material (labor). I would just like to see it expanded to American Companies as well--All of them.

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