Thursday, January 4, 2007

Unreasonably Normal

Why is it that anytime anything weather related happens, it’s always held up as proof of global warming? There are always fluctuations in temperature and rainfall, there are always temperature records being set somewhere, and meteorologists will tell you the time to worry is when temperature records STOP being broken. Yet, anytime it’s a little warmer than usual, it’s a sign of global warming. Anytime it’s a little colder than usual, it’s a sign of global warming. I half expect to hear sometime “Temperatures were completely normal for today. Experts are pointing to this as further proof of global warming.”
In order for a theory to be scientifically legitimate, it must be disprovable. In other words, there must be a certain set of conditions or results which prove the theory, and a certain set that disprove the theory. That’s why scientists don’t take stories of little green spacemonkeys very seriously. You can prove that the aliens are here if you have the evidence, but you can’t prove they’re NOT here, because absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Which is why no one has yet been able to shut up the tinfoil hat crowd, and also why I have to endure the goddamn “UFO Files” every Monday night on the History Channel.
So if every possible set of circumstances that comes up is claimed as evidence of global warming, how do you disprove it? And if you can’t disprove it, what’s the difference between global warming advocates and those guys who stand out in front of Area 51 wearing Mr. Spock ears and waving signs that say “Beam Me Up, E.T.”?

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