Monday, January 1, 2007

What Is It With Scientists And Sheep?

Are they lonely, or just having a hard time getting to sleep? Either way, scientists studying homosexuality in sheep in order to find a cure are being told to back off by gay rights groups who are offended by the very idea of a cure. Why? Because if there is a simple, cheap and effective way of screening for, and curing, homosexuality while still in the womb, don’t you think most parents would take advantage of it? If that were to happen, pretty soon, there’d be no more gays.
At the risk of sounding controversial, something we here at Castro Burn In Hell are loath to, (snicker), I’m going to go out on a limb and posit that homosexuality is a disorder, not a preference. Reproductive organs were designed for reproduction. The fact that we can receive pleasure from them, and can further the bonds of love with them, is either a gift from God, or a fluke of evolution, or both, depending on your point of view. It’s undeniable, however, that their biological and structural purpose is for reproduction, which requires the union of one member of each of the two sexes. (Jesus, I can’t believe I have to use my blog to explain the birds and the bees to you people). The impetus for this union to take place is through sexual attraction, where members of the opposite sexes are attracted to each other (or not, depending on how much beer is involved). Men are attracted to women, women to men. If a man (or a woman) is attracted to a member of their own sex, then reproduction cannot take place, and the process breaks down. It is not biologically or evolutionally advantageous for a creature to be sexually attracted to another creature of it’s own gender, much like it isn’t advantageous for it to be sexually attracted to a space heater or a toaster (unless you find yourself trapped on a Cylon Basestar, in which case your survival possibilities may be enhanced by becoming involved in a three-way with two of the blonde toasters).
In any event, I’m not necessarily trying to insult anyone’s sensibilities here. I’m just trying to explain this from a scientific angle. From a biological perspective, homosexuality is a reproductive disorder, and it is the medical imperative to cure or treat medical disorders. Parents have the right, even the responsibility, to do what they can to ensure that their offspring are viable and healthy, regardless of whether or not that gets in the way of the sexual-political agendas of any special interest group.
Let the flaming begin….

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