Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Our Grandparents Would Be Rolling Over In Their Graves, If They Were Dead

So let me get this straight: it’s been five years, three months, and twenty-nine days since the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists, and in that time, all we’ve managed to accomplish in terms of rebuilding is to stick a solitary steel girder into the ground. And we’re STILL fighting over the design for the replacement. Do you think that if the Germans or the Japanese had managed to knock down the Empire State Building at the start of WWII, within five years our grandparents wouldn’t have had it rebuilt, brick for brick, just the way it was before the attack? They wouldn’t have wasted time arguing over “footprints”, or “open spaces” or a “memorial park”. And any of them that did would have been ignored, because our grandparents would have understood that the people making those arguments were pussies.So how did we become such a bunch of pussies?

Rebuild the goddamned thing, just like it was.

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