Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Occupation Has Begun…

Nancy Pelosi (D-Homorabia) is now, at least in her own mind, the most powerful woman in the world. There are billboards up all over her district congratulating her. And in this time of war and strife, she has sworn to immediately get down to the business that’s most important to the national security of our country: an increase in the minimum wage. This should please one of her key constituencies: the unions. Why would the unions want the minimum wage to go up? It’s not like there are any union employees who actually make the minimum wage. Could it be that most union contracts have the member’s wages pegged to the minimum wage, so that if it goes up, so do their own wages? Could it be that raising the minimum wage makes it less cost effective for companies to hire unskilled workers, thus making skilled, union workers that much more valuable? Nah, couldn’t be that. The unions would never try something as sneaky and underhanded as that, would they?

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