Friday, November 17, 2006

Arctic Resists Warming

The evil forces of mankind have been pushing the arctic to its demise, but now the arctic is fighting back! See the amazing new movie!
Isn’t it interesting? The temperatures in the arctic begin rising over the course of 30 odd years, and a huge battle erupts over what’s causing it. On one side, is the global warming crowd that says that man is responsible for the changes because of industrial pollution. On the other, global warming skeptics, who argue that these are merely fluctuations in the Earth’s natural temperature, and are perfectly normal. Now, we find that the arctic warming trend is beginning to reverse itself due to cyclic changes in ocean currents, and that temperatures are heading back to what were considered normal. You’d think that would tend to confirm the fluctuation hypothesis.
There is no amount of evidence that the global warming crowd can’t overcome. If the evidence fits their theory, they trumpet it loud and long in the media. If it doesn’t, they spin it till it does. That’s how we get this juvenile anthropomorphization of nature.And they say the right is anti-science.

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