Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Time To Make A Choice

It’s time to pick a side. Which side do you choose? Freedom or Fascism? The politics of choice and responsibility, or the politics of the anthill? Victory, or retreat, followed by death and destruction? Today is Election Day, the day when Americans get to exercise that most precious of rights, the right to vote, to have a say in the future course of our civilization. It is a right that, although bestowed upon us fortunate few by birth, was simply unimagined by those in generations past. No one votes for kings; the position of dictator is never on the ballot. And, yet, this right, which was fought and died for by previous generations, is often taken for granted by many. How do you use your vote? Do you use it frivolously on politicians who do nothing but promise you goodies? Do you squander it through misuse? What, exactly, is your vote worth to you?
We face a dark time in the history of this country; this planet, even. A terror from the past has arisen to threaten western civilization once more. The rise of militant Islam is threatening to drag us back into a new dark age, where the fires of freedom are extinguished and replaced by the black heart of Allah. Where non-believers are treated as cattle, women are treated as sub-human, and even music is a capital offense. This darkness is growing in intensity, as Muslim terrorists attack on a world wide front, in Brittan, Israel, Spain, Iraq, Bali, Turkey, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Russia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and even here in America, as on 9/11. These people don’t hate us for our money, for our material excesses, for our foreign policy blunders, or even for our mighty military. They hate us for who we are, and what we believe. They hate us for our very freedom of choice, which flies in the face of their prophet, Muhammad, who said that all must bow before Allah and follow the teachings of the Koran. We are given the choice: submit or die. Even the name Islam means submission. They will not negotiate on this. There can be no peaceful co-existence with these extremists. The very concept of “live and let live” is western, and completely alien to them. They have drug us into this war in which we now find ourselves, and they will fight us until either we or they emerge victorious. There can be no middle ground.
Yet, in this time of danger, one of this country’s two major political parties has found itself in the unenviable position of being the sole voice of reason in confronting this threat. The Republican Party has had to bear the burden of leading us in this fight. The Democratic Party has done nothing but sit on the sidelines, criticizing and blocking every effort to defend this country. They have protested every military action against the enemy. They have attempted to block even the most prudent of security measures, presented in earnest to protect our populace. They have seen fit to degrade our ability to gain intelligence about the enemy’s dispositions, even going so far as to attempt to protect prisoners of war, who were confirmed enemy combatants, from interrogation. They have even, through their surrogates in the media, provided aid and comfort to the enemy by highlighting our mistakes while ignoring our enemy’s atrocities, refusing to report war news that would support our troops and provide encouragement for the civilian populace, leaking classified information in public venues that the enemy has access to, and distorting the facts on the ground in order to obtain the merest of political advantages.
These people CANNOT be put in charge of this country. We can’t reward their behavior with access to power. What would these people do if they had control of the House or Senate? They refuse to acknowledge that we are facing a war on multiple fronts. They insist on treating each front as its own separate conflict, which gives the enemy the advantage. They believe that our President is the real threat, not the enemy. They’ve already said many times that one of their first orders of business if they win the majority will be to begin impeachment proceedings against the President. Can you imagine the chaos that will ensue if we have to deal with frivolous impeachment proceedings, and all the accompanying investigations, while trying to fight a world war? This cannot be allowed to happen.If you are a Republican get out there and vote. The future of our country, our very civilization, may depend upon it.

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