Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Term Limits

Ok, I think the time is ripe to unveil my term limits plan: You get two terms in any particular federal office. Afte those two terms are up, if you wish to continue to serve in that office, you can run again. However, for every term you run for after those first two terms, you lose a finger. Your choice as to which one, but you will lose one. Yes, there will be anesthetic. And yes, you lose the finger regardless of whether you win or lose the race.
Also, it's retroactive. So someone like Ted Kennedy will lose quite a few. In fact, he'll probably have great difficulty holding his drink, which could be an extra plus.
This is a bi-partisan plan. It affects Dems and Reps equally. Some may say it's a little bloodthirsty, to which I respond: And?

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