Tuesday, November 7, 2006

What This Election Is Really All About

The deep dark secret is that what this election will really decide is whether the Donks will collapse now with a whimper, or in a year or two with a bang. If all their pre-election jubilation about a perceived victory turns out to be in vain, the chaos and despair will be unbelievable. If they can’t win in THIS political climate, they’re done as a viable political party, and it will be obvious to everyone, except possibly them. There are already attempts by the Donk leaders to claim that any loss on their part is due to mythical Republican dirty tricks. Making that argument on a national level is another surefire way to a quick collapse.On the other hand, if they win, expect them to act so crazy and insufferable about it that they won’t stay around long. As low as the President’s approval numbers are now, I don’t think the populace at large will take kindly to the party of surrender trying to impeach him in the middle of a war. Talk about going out with a bang. Either way, I don’t think the Donks have much of a future as a liberal party. If they do win this one it will be because they used a bunch of relatively moderate newcomers as candidates to sneak their lefty old guard into top leadership positions, in what Thomas Sowell has called their latest fraud attempt.

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