Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Toys For Tots Rejects Jesus Doll

The Toys For Tots program run by the United States Marine Corp Reserves has turned down 4000 Talking Jesus Dolls on the grounds that the doll is “boring, and no kid in his right mind would ever want to play with it.” Many religious groups have complained about this action stating “Just because it’s boring doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take it. If all toys have to be fun for anybody to want them, then how come “Toys That Teach” is still in business?”
Spokesmen from the Marine Reserves had no comment on this, except to say that the 4000 Talking Jesus dolls will be replaced by 4000 “Buck, the Kick-Ass Marine” action figures, which includes a fully functional miniature M-16, three working grenades, a real K-Bar knife, and the severed, be-turbaned heads of six Iraqi terrorists. Hoo-ahh!

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