Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In Other Hurricane News:

A "Dangerous John" will be heading into Mexico, touching the tip of Baja. All very Freudian if you ask me. In the mean time, Governor Schwarzenegger has called a press conference to distance himself from the President's handling of hurricane Katrina. He announced that he will be convening a blue ribbon panel to study whether the hurricane will target low income residents and minorities. "We cannot allow a hurricane to blatantly defy and/or undermine the significant hate crime legislation of California," said the heated governor. Minutes later, members of the press were given pamphlets that will be distributed in all soup kitchens throughout the State. The four page glossy sheets inform Californians what they can do in the case of a civil rights violation by the hurricane. The colorful pamphlet is narrated by a new cartoon creation, "Harry the Friendly and Unbiased, Gender-Neutral Hurricane" The hurricane, meanwhile, remained suspiciously silent on the matter of whether it would unduly target the poor.

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