Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Homorabia Declared

In a stunning (or not) announcement, the New Jersey Supreme Court today decided that buggery is now legitimate grounds for marriage. Expect homosexuals from all over the country to flock to NJ like a Muslim to an IED. Hopefully they stay there. The real question is how this will affect the Democrats in the future. This is a ruling that will clearly be associated with them, and their newest and fastest growing constituency, namely, Islamic terrorists who want to behead us all, will not take kindly to this. They tend to condemn homosexuality (even as they practice it secretly), and we all know what happens to things condemned by Muslims. Think Highlander. In any event, the editorial staff here at Castro Burn in Hell stands by it’s belief that, when it comes to combinations in marriage, there can be only one: Man+Woman.

OK, so this probably isn't worth an update, but it occurs to me that Tony Soprano may not take too kindly to this either.

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