Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mexico May Take Fence Dispute to U.N.

The Mexican government has stated that it may seek help from the U.N. in the dispute with the U.S. over its plans to build a 700 foot long fence along the U.S.-Mexican border. A Mexican representative has told reporters that an investigation is underway to determine if Mexico has any legal standing against the construction of the fence, which will be built entirely on U.S. soil.
In an unrelated story, Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin-Laden has announced plans to seek redress with the U.N. over the design of the new Freedom Tower the U.S. plans to build on the site of the former World Trade Center, stating that the unique glass design of the building would make it more difficult to see, and thus more difficult for a pilot to hit with an average sized commercial airliner.

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