Friday, October 27, 2006

Next Space Tourist To Launch In March

Space Ventures Ltd of Vienna, VA, has announced that it’s next space tourist will launch in March. The lucky tourist, Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, will be only the fifth customer launched into space by the company. Kucinich, who was selected from a group of applicants, expressed great excitement over his upcoming journey, stating “At long last I can escape this miserable prison of a planet and be amongst my people once again. It is a great day for me, a great day for my people, but it will be an even greater day for Earth, when I return at the head of a fleet of heavily armed Zebulonian warships. Conquest!”Although he will be helping with science experiments and some menial tasks during the eight-day trip, Kucinich said he will be spending a lot of time just hanging out, observing, taking pictures, looking out the window for the arriving mothership, and just generally plotting out the upcoming enslavement of the human race.

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