Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea Puts "Nuke Me" Sign On It's Back

North Korea conducted what may or may not be a nuclear weapons test this weekend. The real question is which is funnier: the fact that it may have been faked (or at least unsuccessful), or the fact that lil' Kim was surprised that he didn't receive congratulations from world leaders for the test. Sort of like how a child might be surprised that his parents aren't happy that he found their handgun and figured out how to use it on his little sister. The solution to all this is simple, though: Explain to the Chinese (who are the Norks puppet masters, after all), that if they don’t reign in their little buddies on the peninsula and make them give up their nuke aspirations, we will have no choice but to provide nukes to Japan. THAT will get the Chicoms attention. Japan with nukes scares China about as much as Germany with nukes scared the Russians during the cold war, and for much the same reasons.

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