Monday, October 30, 2006

School's Out Forever!

A Madrassa (Muslim religious school) in Pakistan was destroyed today, killing 80 terrorist savages. Reports are still sketchy as to who exactly carried out the attack, with some saying it was Pakistani helicopters, others saying it was U.S. Predator drones, and everyone else claiming it was the Zionist-Pig-Dog-Infidel Jews, of course. Rumors are also flying that the target of the attacks was Zawahiri himself. There are even rumors that he was killed, but the usual 48 hour rule applies here. Personally, I hope it WASN’T our guys who did it. Why, you ask? Because of this sentence:
“Most of the compound was destroyed.
"Most? MOST?! What is this most crap? I’m an American. I pay my taxes. I get up every morning and haul my ass to work, day in, day out. I expect ALL of it to be destroyed, every last molecule. And then, after the explosions, when all the surrounding terrorscum are gathering around to seethe and bitch around the ruins about how the infidels have killed their loved and beloved pet goat, and dragging out their protest signs, conveniently printed in English for the American media, even though the only people within fifty miles of the place who can even read English are the al-Reuters reporters that have been embedded with the terrorists so as to get up to date Democrat talking points straight from Osama’s mouth, as well as to keep the terrorists properly felated, I want Muhammad al-Muhammadadmamisboombah, or whatever the hell his name is, to look up into the sky, and see the beautiful sight of a fuel/air bomb gently wafting down from the clouds on it’s delicate silk parachute. And I want that to be the last image he ever sees in this life, as this magnificent example of American ingenuity consumes and vaporizes all. Especially the al-Reuters people. And that burning, consuming flame should be a brief foretaste of the flames that burn, but don’t consume, that they will then experience for all eternity.
Or something like that.

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