Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann Richards no longer looking for Silver Feet in orifices

Well, I will refrain from taking a cheap shot at the recently departed. I will also refrain from suggesting we change the title of this blog. Ann Richards is dead, someone who set the tone for the Democratic Party in the eighties and nineties with her mocking of George Bush at the Democratic National Convention. When she said that he was born with a "sliver foot in his mouth" or whatever she said, it was pithy, it gave renewed energy to her party which then went about celebrating by getting its teeth kicked in in November. In the Clinton Years, the mantle was handed down. In that case, the pithiness was dished out by Bill Clinton himself, who gave his party renewed vigor, focus and energy so that they too could carry on the semi-annual tradition of getting their collective asses handed to them at every level of government, thus ensuring a Republican majority of Governors, State Houses and Congressional Representation for decades. Here’s to Ann Richards, a Texas Governor who had the privilege of also being beaten by a Bush.

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