Monday, September 4, 2006

Puppet Theatre

Word is that broadcasters are nervous about showing a documentary on Set. 11th for fear that it might offend the FCC. Apparently, they had the "guts" and artistic integrity to show Janet Jackson's nipple and now the poor broadcast networks won't risk a fine for a Sept 11th remembrance. Am I being cynical or does this have a whiff of liberal justification/lesson in equivalency? As in, "nah nah, you fine us for something as pure and beautiful as a black woman's nipple but now the shoe is on the other foot and we can't (as much as we'd love to) show this for fear' of offending the mighty FCC...We especially feel bad if we can't show something that everyone knows might help out you guys" In other words, the Dems are wimps on this particular political subject so any remembrance will likely boost the Republicans So sorry about that-- we can't do it... In other news, CBS will be broadcasting a sanitized version of the Tiennamen square massacre done with hand puppets called "The Day the Honorable People's Republic Opened the World's Eyes to the Criminal Student Demonstrations" (CBS: We hope that the FCC won't be offended and especially do not want our friends in the billion strong market of China to look on us with wary eyes...

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